Danielle Miraglia (murr-Ä L e a) comes armed with a strong steady thumb on an old Gibson, an infectious stomp-box rhythm, harmonica and tunes ranging from heart-felt to socially conscious that will move both your heart and hips.  

Mountain Stage NewSong Northeast Regional Winner!  
NERFA Formal Showcase Artist!  
Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist!  
RedLine Roots Big Red Favorite Local Female Songwriter!
Honorable Mention - Telluride!
NERFA Tricentric and DJ's Choice!

July 20th - Get on the Boat!! 

Boston area friends! This Sunday afternoon get on a boat and have a kick-ass time with Baker Thomas BandBrothers McCannJugghead Band and a ton of special guests. This is the most music you'll get for your buck anywhere and you can do it while sailing the Boston Harbor. We'll even narrate tour-guide style for you with bad Kennedy-esque Boston accents (Note: re-reading this post with Kennedy accent is also entertaining. Come on. You know you have to do it now.).


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