Bring the Music Right to Your Home or Backyard

Love live music? Let us bring the music to your backyard or living room!  Danielle Miraglia is available for concerts in various areas of the East Coast and beyond. If you’re interested in having Danielle play your home, contact us at for availability.

A house concert is a fun way to see performers in an intimate setting without having to leave your home – like getting a house call from a musician! Doesn’t that sound good!? Some people have them as private events for them and their friends, others make them open to the public…the nice thing is, it’s your home and it’s up to you.

The way it works:

Some people pay a flat rate to have a musician in their home (negotiable depending on travel and other details). Others will ask attendees to contribute a donation of $10 – $20 that goes to the musician to cover the cost. 

For more info contact​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ .  Or contact Danielle directly with specific questions at

"Danielle Miraglia is a treasure! She captivated her audience from the first few notes she played until the end of her second encore. She is charming, talented, a total professional, and completely down to earth. I can't wait to bring her back next year! She is always welcome on our stage."
-   Barron Chandler, Director, Narberth Summer Concert Series

“Singer/Songwriter Danielle Miraglia is considered by many to be a blues artist. But, if her performance is what it means to have the blues, I’m throwing away my Prozac. There is a joy and humor which stitches their way throughout each song and story connected to it sewing a smile to each face and heart who are penetrated by he needling insights and wit. While the influence many great blues singers has on Ms. Miraglia’s compositions and performance styles can be speculated on, there is little doubt, if any of those legendary performer were to experience her talents, they would be inspired by her…”
-   Paul Smeltz, Live Review by The Forwardian Arts Society


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