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  1. Everybody's Wrong

From the recording All My Heroes Are Ghosts

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I lost a friend today to too much talking
The things she showed me of herself made my stomache turn
And though I tried I couldn’t keep that boat from rockin
So I lit that bridge and watched it burn

Everybody’s wrong
Everybody’s wrong
Why can’t they see
Everybody’s wrong, but me

It’s nice to live in a world where I’m always right
And it’s easy when you got a face to place the blame
It would make my day if I could make you see the light
Then I could be gloating as we’re going up in flames

And Everybody’s wrong…

I used to love to watch the shows where the bad guy wins
You know the plot where for some reason you root for him
I’d turn my nose up at the righteous and salute the sin
But it ain’t so fun now that it’s really happening

Everybody’s wrong…

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