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  1. Guilt Trip

From the recording All My Heroes Are Ghosts

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The last words we spoke
You got the last laugh
Closure only happens on the big screen
You gave me the finger
As you picked up the tab
Took off with your conscience clean

Silence was your weapon
The treatment a lesson
Well you showed me
Now you’re silent for good
Left the dog on the hood
A guilt trip for eternity

You were hard to love
and harder hate
Never could pick a side of the fence
An anchor that kept me
From floating a away
Or more like a hook through my flesh

Silence was your weapon…

I bet you’re floating around up there like you own the joint
Giving all the answers to the wind
Making em’ feel stupid just to make a point
Confuse em’ in the end by giving in

You’d give and you give
And then take away
Your gifts always came at a price
Debts of the heart cannot be repaid
I’m broke and I’m bankrupt for life

Silence was your weapon…

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