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  1. Pigeons

From the recording Glory Junkies

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Written by Danielle Miraglia
Danielle Miraglia - Guitar and Vocals
Laughter - Tom Bianchi and Matt Borrello


Got my face in the dark and the sun behind me
The shadows are so unflattering
My best days are all in a photo album
The rosy lense is shattering

All those stories of rock star glory
That once felt like an attainable dream
The fourth wall’s been hit with a wrecking ball
Nothing but rubble and sawdust behind the scenes

Still I can’t help but feel like something escaped me
That suntanned child in me still hopes for more
But with my face in the dark and the sun behind me
One breeze can blow a silver lining out the door

Everybody wants to believe that they’re an eagle
soaring through the sky
Truth is most of us are pigeons
Staying home winter after winter til we die

If a photograph is a memory then
Right here and now is just shy of shoddy
Cause with your face in the dark and the sun behind you
It’s hard to take a decent photo
good thing it’s just a hobby

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